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In-flight theatre

Airline offers an in-flight theatre for transatlantic flight

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Icelandair are training their staff to entertain flyers for a very special one-off flying experience.

Icelandair are sending their flight attendants to stage school, to get them to host a live, three-act theatrical performance at 39,000 feet, on an exclusive flight from London to New York on September the 8th of this year.

Titled ‘Opening Flight’, the show will be performed in its entirety by Icelandair employees, and promises to be a fully immersive experience transporting passengers from the dawn of the commercial flight in 1937, right through to the present – and, possibly, the future, too.

The idea came about when the company launched a global survey to its customers in the UK, Canada, Scandinavia, France, Germany and the US, and 52 percent replied that they get bored during their flight. The same survey also showed that 78 percent of their customers believe the cabin crew can effect their overall flying experience.

Unfortunately, you can’t just buy tickets with Icelandair for this very exclusive journey, as it is part of a giveaway package they have put together for their 80th birthday. The grand prize gives you a round trip from London to New York, a one-night stay in New York, two nights in Iceland and USD 700 spending money.

Airline companies go to new heights to attract customers, it’s not unusual to see a wide range of marketing techniques to help sway customers. One Hong Kong brewery created a beer to only be drunk at a high altitude, and British Airways offer in-flight meditation videos to help calm nervous flyers. What other unique marketing techniques will be used to sway customers?



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