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Crypto payment system | Photo source Pixabay

Airport accepts digital currency in terminal shops

Travel & Tourism

A new payment system allows travelers to pay with their choice of cryptocurrency at a variety of retailers.

Australia’s Brisbane airport recently introduced its partnership with cryptocurrency startup TravelbyBit. The partnership brings digital currency payments to a variety of retail spaces throughout the terminal. Travelers can choose to pay with the digital currency of their choice, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash. The benefits of paying with a cryptocurrency when traveling allow for increased security and a lack of conversion charges and varying exchange rates.

TravelbyBit is working with interested businesses in the airport to set them up on the company’s digital payment platform, which is already being used by a network of retailers within the city. Key to the new platform is its direct, peer-to-peer transactions that allow users to avoid traditional banking systems of payment. The company is passionate about cryptocurrency and wants to help raise awareness of its usefulness and real-world applications.

As consumers become more aware of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, the innovations that use them are becoming more varied. Recent projects include paying traffic fines with cryptocurrency and applying the transparency of the blockchain system to news feeds. How could cryptocurrency be used more broadly to improve production sustainability in a variety of industries?



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