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Modern aerotropolis | Photo source Pixabay

Airport plan will create a new 'aerotropolis' in Australia

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A masterplan developed by the government of New South Wales, Australia, will see a new Western Sydney Airport become the catalyst for purpose built homes and infrastructure.

Airports are a crucial part of major city infrastructure, so it’s no surprise we’ve seen a swathe of innovations within airports. We’ve covered cryptocurrency in airports and a system that enables users to give real-time feedback on bathroom conditions. However, airport demands are set to grow alongside population and travel booms.

The Western Sydney Aerotropolis is a solution to meet these demands. The government of New South Wales masterplan in Australia will see Western Sydney Airport become the centrepiece of a vast new set of developments. The aerotropolis will be built around a natural waterway in Badgerys Creek. This creek will guide developments of green areas, retail precincts and housing, as well as providing natural water and energy supplies.

A common problem with airports is noise complaints from residents. However, the established noise zones aim to keep residents at comfortable distances. The project will instead see industrial zones placed closer to the airport. Airport construction will also drive other major infrastructure projects. These include passenger and freight rail lines as well as motorways.

Western Sydney Airport, with its estimated completion date in 2026, will create an estimated 20,000 jobs into the 2030s. Additionally, the full aerotropolis will create upwards of 200,000 jobs and 60,000 homes. The airport, initially operating a single runway, will function 24 hours per day adding to employment opportunities and flight capacity. The government has created its own company, WSA Co., to oversee the project. Work will reportedly begin in late 2018.



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