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Airport trials real-time feedback system for bathrooms

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Helsinki Airport have implemented a new feedback technology in bathrooms to help boost customer satisfaction and track usage data.

Physical feedback forms were once the only way to learn people’s thoughts about a service. Technological advances mean companies can now get feedback on the spot. From customer service comments to details on where improvements can be made, innovations have changed the way companies communicate with customers. Instant feedback can be captured in many ways thanks to advancing technology. In Brazil, reactions to advertising on the metro are captured via facial recognition technology. Feedback technology has even been integrated into yoga apparel to aid form and posture. Feedback is integral for businesses to thrive and operations to improve their offerings. Without it, customer can leave unsatisfied and will continue to do so.

Helsinki Airport has adopted its own real-time feedback systems in its bathrooms throughout its terminal. Passengers using the bathroom can give the system positive or negative feedback about the cleanliness of the space. Negative feedback can be made specific, for example, by commenting that the toilet is dirty or there is no toilet paper. When the system receives several complaints within a short amount of time, it sends an automatic cleaning alert to the airport’s cleaner. The technology also counts the number of visitors to bathrooms. This means Finavia, Helsinki Airport’s operator, can access information about the usage rates of the premises and change the cleaning rota accordingly.

The aim of the project was to create a digital and modern customer experience. Bathrooms were selected as a development target due to their challenging nature. Challenges are created by unplanned cleaning needs and reacting to them quickly. According to customer satisfaction surveys, the cleanliness of Helsinki Airport’s terminals is at a good level. How could you use an instant feedback system to improve your operation?



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