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Airport weddings

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New at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: weddings to go. Whether a couple met on a flight to Bangkok or just wants to be able to go straight from ceremony to runway for their honeymoon, Schiphol offers travellers the opportunity to get married at the airport. Brides and grooms to be can pick from several packages, from the all-out ‘Ticket to Paradise’: get hitched and leave for a tropical destination together with your wedding guests; to ‘Say Yes & Go’, the budget alternative for couples who want a quick and simple ceremony before flying off together. Schiphol Weddings works with a dedicated wedding planner, who can also help couples plan and arrange their honeymoons. As a travel hub, Schiphol gets the TRANSUMER trend that wrote about earlier this week. Increasing numbers of consumers are mirroring travel behavior in daily life, valuing transient experiences over fixed possessions. The ‘wed & fly’ concept could obviously work well in many cities. One for hospitality players and wedding planners to set up together with local airports?



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