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All-natural beeswax will keep your glasses on your face

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Nerdwax is an organic wax that stops glasses from sliding down the nose.

A perennial problem faced by glasses wearers is having to constantly push them back to keep them in a comfortable position on the nose. While companies such as Protos Eyewear are using 3D printing to better tailor frames to fit customers’ faces, Nerdwax is an organic wax that stops glasses from sliding off their face.

Don Hejny, the creator of Nerdwax, describes the chapstick-sized wax tubes as “one of those products that you never knew you needed”. Users simply rub Nerdwax on the parts of their spectacles that touch the face, including the arms that hook around the ear if they wish. The solution is made entirely out of beeswax and other natural ingredients, meaning it’s not harmful to the skin and can simply be wiped off the frame at the end of the day. Essentially, it simply provides some extra friction between the bridge of the glasses or sunglasses and the nose, reducing the need to keep pushing them back onto the face.

Watch the video below to learn more about the product:

Hejny recently raised more than USD 60,000 from an initial Kickstarter target of just USD 5,000 to bring Nerdwax to the market. Backers could get their hands on a stick from USD 10, and the first batch is expected to ship this month. Are there other ways to make glasses wearing a more pleasant experience?



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