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All-in-one kits for growing vegetables at home

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Consumers born without a green thumb can choose from an ever-broadening array of products to make urban gardening easier. Not long ago we wrote about preseeded mats from Amber’s Garden, for example, and recently another like-minded innovation caught our eye: all-in-one “Grow Your Own” boxes from UK-based Allotinabox. Though the company’s own website is still in the works, Allotinabox now sells limited-edition Grow Your Own boxes on Amazon, filled with organic seeds and a variety of accompanying products for growing vegetables at home. Premium seed packs include carrot, spring onion, leek, spinach and chives, and a Grow Wheel Guide tells consumers when to sow and harvest, among other information. Also included are 10 meters of 3-ply organic jute twine and a set of attractive plant tags. The whole assortment is packaged in a mailbox-friendly 23.3-by-16.5-by-2.5-cm box and priced at GBP 12.99. Allotinabox has already shipped its all-in-one boxes to the US, Canada and Brazil as well as throughout the UK. and Europe. One to help bring to your part of the gardening world?



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