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Smart soil sensors

Analytics from soil sensors could revolutionise agriculture

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Israeli startup hopes the data collated from soil-embedded sensors will strengthen and evolve the agriculture industry.

While many industries have adapted to the digital age and all it has to offer, agriculture has continued with its offline approach to business. Israel-based Viridix hopes to change this with its network of sensors distributed in land and fields that collect soil analytics. Data collated will be available to app developers to build tools that could help those in the industry boost their efficiency and explore new approaches to their work.

The sensors monitor ground moisture levels and act as real-life root collecting crucial data to allow farmers and growers to optimize decision making and automatization. The “RootTens” technology measures every important parameter in the soil and transmits it to the cloud. Partner technology i-Dripper supports this solution, acting as an accurate irrigation system that feeds each plant separately according to its needs. The system does not need electricity to operate, requiring just minimal water resources to assess the needs of the plants in its ecosystem. This ensures plants are watered just enough and water isn’t wasted.

Expanding the agriculture industry and assisting it digitally is a sector that has much room for improvement and exploration. A recent deal to create an ‘agricultural city’ spanning over 311,000 acres shows the scope for industry expansion, while a land restoration project to install water reservoirs in dry areas to boost vegetation growth is another innovation approach to helping growth in all senses. How else can technology support crop growth in the most desperate areas?




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