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Animated photo printing for everyone

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Bringing motion to 2D pictures and a new lease of life to a retro technology–lenticular printing–Snapily‘s new online business turns customers’ own pictures into animated images. The service lets customers upload their own images, choosing which effect to apply: 3D, morph or flip. The ‘moving’ image is then printed on a product of the customer’s choice: greeting card, business card, invitation or notebook. A little further down the line, the company will let users turn a 2-second video clip into a card that plays as it rotates. The US-based service, which is the brainchild of Israeli HumanEyes Technologies, is the only one we’re aware of that offers lenticular printing on-demand, in small runs and at low cost. Prices are comparable to conventional stationary products, with a single greeting card costing USD 3.99 and notebooks sold for USD 15.99. One to bring to other parts of the photo-printing, novelty-seeking, gift-giving world? (Related: Video to flipbook.) Spotted by: Andrew Borislow



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