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App aims to reduce fatigue-related accidents on the road


While governments are taking an increasingly hard stance against the use of mobile phones in vehicles, the technology available in these devices can also be deployed in the name of safety. Now Danish ASP Technology have created Anti Sleep Pilot — an anti-fatigue device and mobile app designed to alert drivers when they are in danger of drowsy driving. Both the device and the new app are developed in Denmark. Their creation was motivated by research from the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute that indicated up to 20 percent of all traffic accidents and 40 percent of all single-vehicle traffic accidents were fatigue-related. The original device sat on a driver’s dashboard and, based on a number of factors such as the driver’s age, the time of day, and hours awake, it could alert the driver when they were in danger of fatigued driving and in need of a break. The app functions in much the same way, and is linked to Google Maps to show how far the driver is safe to travel before taking their next break. It also displays a dial showing driver alertness, as well as light and sound reaction tests, whereby drivers must push a button when prompted. The reaction time is then used to calculate driver alertness. Ultimately the app sounds an alarm, alerting the driver to take a preventive rest break when they are about to reach a critical driving-fatigue level. The Anti Sleep Pilot has created a valuable tool by redeploying technology that would otherwise pose a safety risk. A valuable lesson to be learnt in all industries! (Related: Toyota’s glass of water app aims to help drivers reduce emissions In-ground sensors alert drivers to open parking spots.)



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