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App alerts first aiders to nearby medical emergencies

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Rapid Rescue uses GPS technology to link people requiring medical assistance with first aiders near to their location in real-time.

Regular readers of Springwise may remember our recent coverage of the Code d’Urgence scheme in France, which offers QR code stickers containing medical data to enable emergency responders to give help more safely and quickly. Now from Singapore, the Rapid Rescue app aims to connect those in need of emergency medical help with trained first aiders who happen to be nearby at the time. Developed by JWT Singapore for the Singapore Red Cross Society, the app enables those with first aid training to register to receive push notifications if someone nearby is in need of their help. Smartphone owners – especially those who have or know someone with medical conditions – can also download the app and make an SOS call if they, an acquaintance or member of the public has a medical emergency. When the large cross on the homescreen is pressed, the phone alerts any first aiders with the app to the location of the call via a map. GPS technology enables potential helpers to see the location and proximity of the person in need, as well as the shortest route to them. First aiders can choose to assist, phone the caller, phone an ambulance or reject the mission. Those needing help are shown how many people are available nearby, along with their locations. If a call is initially accepted and then aborted, they are shown the option to resend the SOS, call an ambulance, or view details of nearby hospitals. Information about the Red Cross and registration for its first aid courses is also available within the app. It is currently available for free on the App Store and the developers are working on a version compatible with Android devices. The Singapore Red Cross Society is encouraging every one of its 12,000 trained first aiders to download Rapid Rescue, offering victims an increased likelihood that someone will be able to help through the app. Medical professionals around the world – one to replicate in your area?



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