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Ethical app | Photo source Pixabay

App alerts consumers to brands with low ethical scores

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App scores major US-based retailers on their levels of equality, sustainability and worker’s rights and alerts consumers via app.

Users of the Nudge for Change app are asked which issues matter the most to them, which then sets the system’s compass to each individual’s personal moral preferences. Whenever a user enters a retail establishment, the app checks the brand’s score of one to ten in the various value categories, and if a score is particularly low in an area that the user prioritizes, the app sends an alert.

Nudge for Change scores businesses on their LGBTQ, racial and gender equality, as well as environmental impact and sustainability and approach to worker’s rights. The scores are based on research conducted by organizations that are experts in a particular field, helping the app provide quantities of vetted, valuable information in an easy to comprehend format. As well as alerting consumers to brands with a low score, the app also provides better ranked alternatives that are nearby, helping shoppers use their money to best effect.



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