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App analyzes texts and rates strength of relationships

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The invite-only Android app Crushh reviews texts and call histories to determine how strong a relationship is and how it may have changed over time.

The Brooklyn, New York-based app team says that Crushh is like a trusted friend. The app reviews relevant text messages and calls to produce an overall picture of the state of the relationship. From who likes whom more to how the relationship has changed over time, the app uses the data and its own algorithms to provide users with a relationship rating.

Available for use with Android devices, users download the app, select a contact for analysis and let the algorithm run. Users’ contacts won’t know their communications are being analyzed, and the app team asks users to send in feedback if a rating is especially inaccurate. To increase accuracy over time as the algorithm gets smarter, users can add additional information. Maintaining privacy is paramount, and the app’s website states that no one can read a user’s texts. Currently available as the beta version via invitation only, people who are interested in the app can request an invitation. Once fully released, the app will remain available through referral and invitation only.

Technology is doing its best to find ways to make social data more valuable. Commitment rings prevent partners from watching ahead on Netflix, and geotagged social media information is being added to business maps for real-life layers of cultural information. How else could intangibles be analyzed for new insights?



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