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App analyzes Twitter’s big data, lets users book restaurants

Travel & Tourism

Twizoo is an app that analyzes millions of tweets about restaurants and bars, and lets users book a suitable place in real-time.

Crowdsourced data is being used to help visually impaired individuals cross urban streets, as well as let anglers receive tips on their fishing trips. And of course, platforms like Yelp and Trip Advisor have long been recommending users places to eat, drink and play through crowdsourced data. But for those wanting a more seamless experience, Twizoo makes suggestions, and lets users book a restaurant or bar by just tweeting.

The app analyzes millions of tweets about businesses, and offers recommendations in the form of bubbles — green being good, and red indicating places to avoid. The bigger the bubble also means the more buzz the establishment has. It claims that by analyzing tweets, which are more honest and real than reviews, they can offer better recommendations. Unsatisfied customers often resolve to seek revenge on businesses’ Twitter accounts, and this is all data which Twizoo can feed into their platform.

The app is now also enabling users to make reservations by hashtagging #TweetToBook, which its algorithms will recognize. If the booking is available, a confirmation tweet will be sent in reply, which users can show the restaurant host in exchange for their table.

Twizoo is available on the App Store and Google Play. The service is a great example of brands are using social media to reach out to millennial customers. Could other services be integrated into existing social networks?



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