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App lets users browse, order and pay for goods before collection at local stores


Pago enables users to browse, order and pay for goods from a range of stores, before entering them for collection.

Apps to connect consumers with local businesses have been frequent features on our virtual pages recently. While browsing local goods and services via smartphone removes some of the hassle from shopping, new app Pago goes one step further by enabling users to browse, order and pay for goods before even entering the store. Pago is the creation of Leo Rocco and launched last month in the Mountain View area in California. Currently partnering with over 50 venues, users can locate participating coffee shops, salons, flower shops, dry cleaners and restaurants accepting Pago mobile orders via the app. Details of products, services and menus can be viewed, and orders placed, using a smartphone, avoiding the need to wait in queues once the shopper has entered the store. Users register their payment details with Pago, so they can make purchases without the inconvenience of carrying cash and cards as well. There is social media integration so users can leave reviews and share recommendations through Twitter and Facebook, and points are earned with each transaction, meaning loyal customers can be rewarded with specific deals and discounts. Pago is available free for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Speed and ease of service can be influencing factors in the purchase decisions of busy consumers. Could your business benefit from allowing customers to order wherever and whenever they like? Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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