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App keeps citizens informed and engaged with political issues


iCitizen is an app that helps voters stay more informed by tracking the issues that matter to them.

They say that a week is a long time in politics, which is what makes it so hard for citizens and businesses to track what’s going on in Washington. While FiscalNote already offers information and predictions about new legislative bills for businesses, a new app called iCitizen is now helping voters stay more informed by tracking the issues that matter to them.

The app acts as an interactive news feed, and users can subscribe to the political issues that interest them. Someone following the topic of ‘gun rights’, for example, can see a timeline of the main events that have affected legislation on the issue, recent news stories and also poll results. iCitizen users can take part these regular polls to make their voice heard about each issue, with the results sent to representatives around the country. As well as following issues, users can also track their local and federal representatives and the steps they’re taking to tackle certain issues. The video below explains more about the service:

iCitizen is available to download from the App Store, and an Android version is in the pipelines. Are there other ways to keep citizens not only informed, but engaged in the political process?



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