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App connects consumers with discounts to reduce food waste

Food & Drink

Zéro Gâchis aims to provide a platform for businesses to let consumers know in real-time when they have food reaching expiration, for sale at discounted rates.

We have already seen apps such as ThinkNear offer discounts to nearby potential customers when traders are experiencing slow periods. Now France-based Zéro Gâchis is planning to do something similar to reduce the amount of food which is thrown away by businesses. Merchants that find they have stock which is reaching its expiry date will be able to send Zéro Gâchis price reductions they are willing to make on the products. Consumers with the Zéro Gâchis app in close proximity to those businesses will then be alerted to the discounts in real-time. This will help grocers to reduce the amount of food waste they produce and offer savings to shoppers, while the likelihood of a purchase being made will be increased due to the immediacy with which customers can take action. What’s more, buyers will be able to gain points on the site each time they take advantage of discounts, which can be converted into cash directed towards food waste charities such as Restos du Coeur or Banque Alimentaire. Zéro Gâchis won first prize at the Startup Weekend in Brittany in October, but there are no details of a launch date as yet. One to partner with early on? Contact: Spotted by: Francois Lavaste



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