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High-tech capsule hotel comes with citywide wifi

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CityHub rooms can be customized by an app, which also enables self service check-in and community messaging.

Amsterdam is fast becoming the world’s most connected city, as we saw with this crowdsourced municipal IoT network. CityHub launches with high-tech, compact rooms that provide a fully connected experience for travelers visiting the Netherlands capital.

Resembling Japanese capsule hotels, CityHub provides 24-hour self service check-in by enabling guests to access rooms with RFID wristbands. The bands can also pay for drinks at the self service bar. The hotel provides guests with city-wide wifi, and an app that includes travel tips and mapping functions. Users can use the app to connect with other guests and invite them along for activities, much like an updated, digitally connect youth hostel. The apps can also set room lighting and temperature, stream music, and be used to connect with hotel hosts, who are available for travel advice and any other visitor enquiries.


The hubs were designed by Studio Überdutch, and they range from EUR 39 – EUR 120 per night, depending on availability. By providing guests with citywide wifi and immersive connectivity, this model caters to an essential travel need for foreign visitors most hotels fail to provide. What other visitor needs are lacking in traditional hotels?



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