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App creates personalised nutrition labels

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A US start-up has launched a new app that creates personalised nutrition labels for consumers.

Many consumers have specific dietary needs or want more information on the food they eat. However, it can often be hard to decide what foods are the best options. A US-based startup has launched a new app Pinto to make it easier to gather fast information on food. Users simply scan food packaging with their smartphones and the Pinto app will create a personalised nutrition label. The app uses a colour coding system to indicate if food matches an individual’s dietary needs. Blue is an excellent match, green indicates a good fit, yellow means the food is okay in moderation and red warns users that food is not suitable to them. If individuals don’t follow a specific diet, they can customise their profile around healthy eating.

By inputting users’ data, the app focuses on the nutritional information that matters to each individual. In addition to profiling users’ backgrounds, the app offers the option for users to log their meals. Meal tracking enables Pinto to provide more relevant data to individuals. With instant analysis tailored to individual needs, Pinto is a convenient dietary tool as it can be used on the go while grocery shopping. Another feature of the app is prebuilt dietary profiles. These offer information on nutritional needs for specific diets including gluten-free, vegan and paleo. Furthermore, users can set personal calorie and nutrition targets on the app.

Pinto is currently available online and as an iPhone app, and the team are working to launch an Android version by the end of 2018. We have previously published other food app innovations here at Springwise including an AR app connected to a cake that plays a customised song or message. Another food app connects food pantries in Chicago to eliminate food waste.




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