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Training app | Photo source Pixabay

App customizes training for sales teams


App-based communications experts Multi Media Plus released Incite, a mobile training app for sales teams that provides custom videos and reports.

Multi Media Plus’ latest app Incite is a self-publishing training platform. The app is designed to bring together in one easily accessible place all of a company’s sales development and training programs. As a branded, mobile interface, training can be done in-store and out in the field. No longer do employees have to book time off to attend expensive training courses in a central location.

The performance dashboard allows managers to track their team members’ development, and identify areas where additional mentoring may be needed. Video content is provided without streaming, making learning more efficient. And pricing is per employee, which allows companies to absorb turnover without having to pay additional fees.

Human resources is complicated, and from the complexities of getting new hires linked in to all the relevant systems to managing the perks that make a company a great place to work, technology is helping make the work more efficient. What other aspect of starting a new job could be improved with better connectivity?



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