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App delivers relevant news based on users’ genomes

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Genome Compass app delivers genomic news to users based on their personal DNA.

The proliferation of DNA sequencing technology is enabling companies to offer customers more information about their genes, as well as the ability to map potentially detrimental health concerns, as we’ve already seen back in 2007. Now, Genetic Compass is an app founded by gene sequencing scientists that wants to keep users informed of genomic research news relevant to them.


The Genetic Compass app is a personalized genomic news reader. Users first upload their genome data — attainable through companies such as 23andMe — and the app will scour the web for articles reporting research relevant to their genome. The articles can be about anything from gene variants linked to compulsive drinking, or new drugs which effectiveness is influenced by genetics. Genetic Compass does not collect, store or share personal genome information — its aim is to deliver relevant genomic knowledge to users for educational and entertainment purposes. Those wary of sharing their information can simply use the app for non-personalized genomic news and follow ‘celebrity’ genomes such as that of molecular biologist James Watson.

The Genetic Compass app can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store. Genetic Compass demonstrates the potential for how DNA data can link users to the content truly engineered for them. How else could genomic data be used?



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