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App enables sports fans to upgrade their tickets in-game

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Live sports fans who have spotted empty seats in a better location can now upgrade their tickets instantly with the Pogoseat app.

We’ve already seen in-seat food and drink ordering at live sports games via the Yorder app. Now, fans who have spotted empty seats in a better location can upgrade their tickets instantly with Pogoseat. Benefitting both fans and teams alike, the smartphone app seeks to enable customers to move to prime seats left unfilled at games in a quick and convenient way. Fans can see a map of the stadium they are at and the app recommends the empty seats with the best views. Once the desired seat is selected, users enter their payment details and are free to make their way to the new vantage point. Supporters gain a better view of their team and can ensure they can sit next to their friends after the initial ticket purchase. Teams are also able to increase their ticket takings, reduce the number of instances of unauthorized seat swapping and better engage their fans. The app is only available at participating clubs. The video below explains more about the concept behind Pogoseat: Pogoseat is just another in a long line of startups looking to make the most of unused opportunities, with taxi firms and property owners already getting involved. Does your sector have an area of dormant potential ready to be tapped? Spotted by: Hemanth Chandrasekar
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