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Real-world locations can be digitally bookmarked with new app

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Grafetee aims to provide users with a tool for bookmarking real-world locations for later reference and sharing with friends.

We’ve already seen a number of ways to connect physical objects to the digital world, by attaching QR code stickers or assigning items a unique digital identity. Now Finnish app Grafetee aims to provide a platform to bookmark real-world locations for later reference and share them with friends. The free app is available to both iOS and Android smartphone users, who can build their own social feed of locations they have tagged with information – whether a good spot for food or drink, a potential house on the market or a place which holds special memories. This feed can only be seen by users’ contacts, although separate public feeds can also be created, which share location information with the entire Grafetee community. The app also offers feeds from business, which can act as a store locator or a recommended locations list. For users worried about their likes being monitored by third parties, registration is not necessary and the app can be used anonymously. For those who want to share their information, Grafetee activity can be reposted onto a linked Facebook account. Although marketed as a social network revolving around real-world locations, it is possible that Grafetee could be used to post crime eyewitnesses, encourage citizen journalism or quickly get across information to emergency services on the ground. One to keep an eye on? Spotted by: John Greene



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