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App finds ideal workspace for open plan office workers

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Architecture company NBBJ’s proprietary sensory technology, Goldilocks, helps office workers find the ideal space from which to work.

Opinions on the perfect working environment are as varied as the individuals holding them. And with hot desking and open plan offices comprising the typical working environment, finding the most comfortable place to work often takes a lot of trial and error. Enter Goldilocks, architecture firm NBBJ’s proprietary sensory system. Linked to a smartphone app, Goldilocks’ sensors track heat, light and noise. Users enter their working preferences and are then directed to the place that best fits the criteria.

Easy to install and use, the sensors clip onto overhead lighting or other ceiling structures. In addition to sending real-time information to the app, the sensors aggregate data to show typical patterns of use. NBBJ is currently using Goldilocks in its New York offices. Future iterations may include machine learning capability that would allow the app to make recommendations.

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