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App finds the perfect soundtrack for each bottle of champagne


The Krug Champagne app enables users to scan their bottle of luxury bubbles to reveal its history, along with tasting suggestions and a recommended playlist.

An expensive glass of champagne deserves an appropriate soundtrack, which is precisely the thinking behind the new Krug Champagne app. The free app enables users to scan their bottle of luxury bubbles and learn the production history and details of their individual bottles, as well as receive tasting suggestions and a recommended playlist curated by musicians such as classical pianist Marcela Roggeri.

To begin, users download the free app, or visit the website, and create a profile. Every bottle of Krug has a unique ID code above the barcode which can be scanned or typed in to reveal the story of their bottle. It also enables users to share their stories and reviews. Five classical musicians collaborated with Krug on the project, choosing a song for each of Krug’s six varieties.


Krug recently hosted a live music event in London, where the guests’ drinking experience was heightened by the sounds of the London Philaharmonia Orchestra. How else could brands enhance their customers experience by stimulating other senses?



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