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App helps smartphone owners to create better video


Cinch offers complex video editing capabilities for smartphones, as well as tips on how to get the perfect shot.

We’ve already seen a television ad for mymuesli created entirely with the iPhone, but your average consumer still struggles to achieve professional-looking video on their handset. A new app called Cinch aims to change that, offering complex video editing capabilities and tips on how to get the perfect shot.

Rather than put up with single-shot, shaky videos of important moments in their life, Cinch aims to help anyone create more dynamic, quality films. Where many video editing apps focus on post-processing, Cinch guides users as they shoot. Tips appear on the screen as they film, letting them know how to frame the shot. Users can film multiple shots and then cut them to the right length and drag and drop into an order that best tells the story. Once the video has been fully edited, the final cut can be saved and then shared onto social networks. The video below shows the app in action:

Cinch is designed to help those who want to capture life events, but also those who want to create professional-looking film without having to invest in expensive camera equipment. The app is currently available on the App Store for free as a special offer for a limited time. Could this lead to the first fully-fledged film to be created solely on a smartphone?



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