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App lets voters swap votes to help win swing states

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Silicon Valley startup Trimian’s latest app is #NeverTrump, connecting voters nationwide for strategic swaps to help win swing states.

Started by long-time Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Amit Kumar, Trimian builds networking apps for professionals. The company’s latest launch is the #NeverTrump app that helps voters vote with their conscience, without giving away crucial states to Trump.

Once connected, users tell the app where they live and who they plan to vote for. If a user lives in a swing state and wants to vote for a third party candidate, the app provides options. Up to 10 people in the user’s network are suggested as potential vote swaps. The user will vote for Hilary in the swing state if a contact in a safe state will vote for the third party candidate. The app also makes it easy to organize rallies and fundraisers.

Democratizing voting processes has been discussed for decades, yet has barely been touched by technology. Early stage solutions include a mobile phone company using its storefronts to help poorer communities access polling stations. And previously, a Harvard-based startup experimented with secure online voting via app. How could widespread connectivity be used to improve voting processes around the world?



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