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Clinical testing available to patients at home

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Austin-based startup, EverlyWell, enables customers to order their own medical tests and view the results online.

Currently, getting fertility or cholesterol tests done can be a lengthy process, requiring at least one visit to the doctor. Many US states also require patients to get approval from their physician beforehand. Streamlining the process is EverlyWell, which allows patients to order tests online, take samples in the comfort of their own home and view the results through the site.

EverlyWell is not the first startup we’ve covered bringing tests into the comfort of a patient’s home. We’ve seen various STD testing kits for home use and smart gadgets which allow patients to perform checkups at home. EverlyWell, similarly, aims to make the process of medical testing more accessible, but it relies on specialist partner laboratories to run the tests rather than gadgets at home. As such, it can offer a broader range of testing. The service currently offers 8 different tests which can be ordered online, amongst them food sensitivity, women’s fertility, cholesterol and Vitamin D levels. A kit is sent to the patient’s home for them to provide samples which are then sent off to one of the startup’s partner labs. Once the results have been reviewed by an Everlywell physician, they are made available to the patient online through the app or site.

The platform does not claim to offer medical diagnoses. However, EverlyWell stresses one of its differences from traditional testing is that it provides user-friendly readouts of the test results (with clear explanations and graphics) and even offers the patient actionable recommendations. The app also allows users to share their test results easily with their physician for detailed evaluation and treatment. CEO and founder Julia Cheek has revealed the company plans shortly to offer at-home STD tests, tests that measure breast milk nutrition and tests for male fertility.

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