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New social media for globetrotters

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Tripstr is an app that works offline to pull geotagged travel photos together in an easily sharable format.

We recently saw a platform helping Airbnb hosts create stories for their neighborhoods and leverage their listing, now a new social media app helps adventurous grobetrotters share their travels and inspire friends. Instead of photo dumping on Facebook, frequent flyers can now use Tripstr to easily put together travel journals with geotagged photos, restaurant recommendations, and more.


Tripstr is an offline app that arranges dated and geotagged photos into an easily sharable storytelling platform, making the uploading and distribution of travel photos a simple process that can be done on the plane home. Travelers simply snap photos when they’re traveling, and the app will pull together images and give users the option to add comments. Friends can then view the trip, and star places they’d like to visit. The startup hopes to offer tourist agencies their crowdsourced, user-submitted experiences as travel tips, and give an alternative to the usual lists of popular tourist sites.

Tripstr is available for free from the App Store and is in development for Android users. What other aspects of leisure can niche social media platforms cater to?



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