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Moodrise app

App promises to make each and every day a good day

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AeBeZe Labs scours the web for content that lifts people’s spirits and boosts confidence

Spotted: A new app, called Moodrise, is designed to brighten your day. Developed by AeBeZe Labs, the app promises to help you feel better by targeting six appealing states of mind, including happiness, confidence and focus.

You choose the mood and the app feeds you photos, videos and other online content, specially approved by mental health specialists to improve “your experience on planet earth.

Moodrise was developed to help people manage their mental health, according to AeBeZe Lab Director Michael Phillips Moskowitz. Constant exposure to negative news, comments and online content is getting us down. Health services aren’t keeping pace. Major depression is on the rise. The app, Moskowitz says, is like a “digital vitamin” that should be taken daily for good mental health. The approach is more scientific than curated cute puppy videos. As sweet as they are.




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