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App scans wine menu for reviews and recommendations

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Vivino is a smartphone app that scans wine lists and bottle labels to provide reviews and information, so every diner can be a connoisseur.

Apps are changing the experience of eating out, whether it’s helping diners book a table in trending spaces or finding an appropriate restaurant for those with dietary requirements. Now Vivino is an app with a database of millions of wines, so every diner can be a connoisseur.


Users can scan either the labels on the bottle or the wine list, and the app will provide reviews and an average bottle price to ensure they’re making informed choices. The app records the wines users have tried, and will make recommendations based on ones they have previously enjoyed. Users can also upload new wines that aren’t present on the database, ensuring that the online wine community continues to grow. Vivino is now available for free on the App Store, Google Play and Windows.

With apps now able to make everyone a connoisseur, what impact will it have on the service industry and its increasing automation?



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