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App for in-flight seat exchanges

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SeatSwappr's app enables customers to post seat change requests or sell seats on commercial airlines.

Since our Travel & Tourism Top 10 last year, we have seen many more app-based solutions in the industry, from a stress-free car rental app to this all-inclusive flight booking app. Now SeatSwappr is aiming to take the stress out of asking other passengers to swap seats onboard.

Currently in development, the Seatswappr app is a peer-to-peer platform, enabling passengers of commercial airline flights to post requests for a seat exchange prior to boarding. Seats can either be swapped between passengers via direct communication within the app, or more desirable seats such as those positioned near exits can be sold. Users board with their original boarding passes, but will have to rely on fellow passengers to get their preferred seating. A similar P2P app is Seateroo, which enables passengers to bid for preferred seats and put their seats up for auction, even after the flight has boarded. This is especially useful for those willing to pay extra to avoid a crying baby suffering from the change in air pressure.

As budget airlines cut conveniences to make for fairer pricing, apps like these will give travelers the option to regain some of those perks. Could airlines incorporate functionalities such as seat-swapping into their own apps?



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