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App lets users chat via rap battles

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Rapchat is a messaging app that lets users communicate through rap battles.

The possibilities of peer-to-peer instant messaging continues to grow. A new app called Rapchat, which is — you guessed it — half Snapchat and half rap battle, offers yet another way for users to communicate.

Inspired by the quick, humorous nature of Snapchat, Rapchat is based on the premise of freestyle rap battles, where participants exchange spontaneous raps often at each other’s expense. Users choose from over 50 beats, then have one minute to rap over them. Raps can then be shared with friends, with direct messages allowing rapid replies for a full-flow battle. Rapchat is planning to introduce licensed beats from popular songs, and incorporate a ‘rap-n-pass’ feature, allowing friends to rhyme together.

The app’s popularity is growing rapidly, with many users posting about #rapchat on social media. Could record companies sponsor content on the app?




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