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App and social network tracks and rewards users' good deeds

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Youtopia is a web and mobile platform that rewards users for good deeds, academic achievements and community service.

French CitéGreen has already implemented a platform rewarding citizens for green behaviour, and now US-based Youtopia is extending the gamification model to encourage good deeds, academic achievements and community service. Designed for use in the workplace, schools and charities, the Youtopia app enables users and their organizations to keep track of activities and gain rewards for completing them. Both the employee and company, student and school, volunteer and charity begin by downloading the app onto their smartphones. Either user can set up a task on the website and, once completed, the participant marks that they have achieved the task. Their organization then confirms that this is the case and points are rewarded and tallied, with badges being earned for reaching particular milestones. These points can be exchanged for gift vouchers, tickets or discounts. Organizations can use the data to see how individuals in large groups are performing, and the website also acts as a social network, enabling participants to show off their achievements. Users and organizations can interact with each other within the app, meaning that universities can team up with charities to set up projects, for example. The video below has more information on how the app works: Gamification is now being widely used as a tool to improve people’s desire to be active, whether at home or in their local community. One to partner with? Spotted by: Simeon Schnappe



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