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App streamlines lunch hour dining

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Allset is an app that enables lunch break diners to pre-order and pay for sit down meals at nearby restaurants.

Most workers would be hard-pushed to fit an enjoyable sit-down meal into their lunch hour without feeling rushed. Now, Allset is an app that could change that by enabling diners to pre-order their lunchtime meals at nearby restaurants and avoid queues so they can get the most out of their break.


To begin, users download the free app, create a profile and set the location of their workplace. Then, they can browse the selection of participating nearby restaurants by menu. When they have chosen a spot, they can place their order through the app and make any special requests. Next, they pre-pay for their meal and receive an estimated dining time of when their meal will be ready. On arrival at the restaurant, they tell the host their name and are shown to their table and served their meal promptly.

Allset is designed to be used by companies too, enabling employers to offer business lunches to workers and clients easily. The app provides a paper-trail for expenses, and can be used to incentivize employees through Allset lunch credits. The service is currently available in New York City and San Francisco. Could a similar service be offered to evening diners?



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