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App takes guesswork out of name brand creation

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Creative agency ISL developed iOS app Viable to test the availability, strength and meaning of potential company, brand and product names.

Pulling together data from multiple sources, creative agency ISL’s Viable app lets entrepreneurs know if the name of a potential venture already exists, and if so, where and who owns it. The agency says the idea came from witnessing too many cringe-worthy creations, including some that were in blatant violation of active trademarks.

ISL used the app in deciding on the name Viable. The app is easy to use and produces a viability score for each potential name. Users type in their suggested name, and the app then analyzes information on domain availability, definitions, trademarks and comparable products to provide an overall score. Once a user has set up an account, searches can be saved for future reference.

Connectivity is helping to make entrepreneurship more accessible, and a variety of businesses and funders are looking for ways to reach an even broader audience. One venture fund is expressly looking for women and ethnic-minority led early stage tech startups, and a travel platform in India provides visiting entrepreneurs with a tour of local startups. How else could young ideas be shared with a broader audience?



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