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Wisher app

App notifies users when they are near an item on a friend's wish list

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Wisher is a gift registry smartphone app that lets users add items to their wish lists by taking geotagged photos of coveted items.

It is often hard to pick the right gift and while many online and offline versions of wish lists have been developed to address this, few have achieved the widespread usage needed for its success. Combining the model of wedding registries with ecommerce wish lists and other browser extensions of similar functions, Wisher is a new smartphone app that offers yet another way of wish listing.

The app enables people to follow public wish lists of their friends and families to get gift inspiration. Users can add coveted items to their Wish Map by scanning a product’s barcode or taking a photo in a shop. Geo-location tagging is used to record locations, so that the wisher’s network of gift-givers know exactly where to find it.

Wisher has also incorporated iBeacon, so anytime a user goes into a store where a desired gift is located, they receive a customized message that letting them know. While the platform is meant for use all year round, it could really come into its own around the Christmas period when customers are often shopping for more than one person at a time. Users can also add online items and experiences to their Wish Map — anything from a piece of clothing to a holiday or train ticket.



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