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Apple has made a credit card that doesn't really exist

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The new Apple credit card can be used without a physical card

Spotted: Apple’s new credit card does not have any visible numbers. It doesn’t even exist in a physical form (if you don’t want it to), as payments can be made through the iPhone’s Apple Pay app. Those who do want a physical Apple Card will receive a titanium card etched with only their name and the Apple logo. The card number, expiration date and security code are all stored in the iPhone’s Wallet app.

Purchases will be secured using the iPhone’s Face or Touch ID, and a one-time security code that is generated for each purchase. Apple also says it will not track payment data, and that card partner Goldman Sachs will not share that data with third parties.

“Features like spend tracking and categorisation all happen using on-device intelligence, not on Apple servers,” Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay, said at the company’s product launch.

The card’s app includes weekly and monthly spending summaries that break spending down by date or category (e.g. food, transportation), and can be linked to Apple Maps to allow users to track spending by location. There is also a “Daily Cash” reward scheme that gives users instant money back on some purchases. The card will be available in the US this summer.



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