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AR measuring tool

AR attachment transforms smartphones into a measuring device

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A new smartphone attachment uses augmented reality and a laser emitter to turn your phone into a measuring tool.

Smartphone attachments can push smartphones beyond their intended capabilities and transform them into multi-functional devices. For example, a smartphone attachment from South Korea lets users assess the condition of their skin and see any damage. Another example is a smartphone attachment from the Netherlands that can test water quality to identify if it is contaminated. And now, a team of engineers, programmers and designers from the US have designed a tapeless tape measure in the form of a smartphone attachment. Using augmented reality and a small laser emitter, the Arrim ONE can collect measurements without the need for tape.

Both Imperial and Metric Unit Systems are available for taking measurements, and the device can convert between units. Arrim ONE can measure straight lines, angles, circles and curves. It also acts as a leveling tool, a dividing tool, and can perform continuous measurement. Compatible on both iPhone and Android (8.0 or later), users can control the device directly through their smartphone. Within a 20 metre range, the device has a +/-1.5 millimetre precision. Augmented Reality, a patented algorithm, phase-shift laser measurement and virtual 3D coordinate system are some of the technologies that enable the devices accuracy. In addition, the device uses a 100 milliampere hour Lithium-Ion battery which is enough to take 1000 measurements with a single charge of a smartphone.

Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, Arrim ONE has already exceeded its pledge goal for the project. Having developed the hardware and software, Arrim ONE’s creators plan to ship the product in September 2018.  It is on sale for USD 79 and has early bird deals available at a lower cost. Smartphones have strong CPU, a display screen and an internet connection. Therefore, they are an opportunity for innovators to take advantage of as they provide a good foundation to build attachable devices for. What other tools can be transformed into smartphone attachments?

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