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Conservation game

AR gaming app brings wild animals to life


Nairobi startup hopes its app will educate gamers about animal habits and the danger of extinction.

In the past 40 years, the world has lost 50 percent of its wildlife thanks to poaching and environmental upset. Despite most people’s love for animals, many still know little about their favourite wild creatures. Nairobi-based Internet of Elephants – a play on the commonly used phrase Internet of Things – has launched its gaming app Safari Central, which aims to educate users and make conservation fun for all.

A similar concept to the hugely popular Pokemon Go app, the makers behind The Safari Central use augmented reality and real-life tracking data on wild elephants, grizzly bears, pangolins, lemurs and other animals from organizations like WWF Brazil, Conservation International in the US, the Chicago Zoological Society, and conservation groups and parks based in Kenya and South Africa. Gamers can see the path of where the animal is moving, which is virtually implemented on to a map of their surroundings. Users can take a selfie with the animals to share on social media and make in-app purchases to contribute to the protection of wildlife.

Augmented reality is an innovative way to merge real life with technology, and is proving popular in different industries. An app has recently launched that helps users find the perfect plant for their space using AR, and a teddy bear has been manipulated as an educational tool using the same technology. How could you apply AR to your business strategy?



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