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AR dental care | Photo source Pixabay

AR helps dental patients see final results

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The technology could eradicate the need for expensive moulds and wearable false teeth currently produced to demonstrate results to clients.

Switzerland-based company Kapanu is revolutionising the way dentists work with their clients. New software developed by the startup utilises augmented reality’s capabilities by creating a ‘mirror’ that enables patients to peer into it and see what they cold look like with proposed dentistry work. The database of ‘attractive’ teeth and the high technology capabilities of the Kapanu Augmented Reality Engine was presented at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany, earlier this year, showcasing its capabilities to professionals in the industry.

Kapanu, a spin off business of the Institute of Visual Computing and Computer Graphics Laboratory of ETH Zurich, welcomes patients who are unhappy with their teeth due to chips or a missing tooth, for example. They look into the mirror and the operator can adjust the size, shape and tone of the teeth so the patient is able to see what they could look like in real time as if they have already had the course of treatment. The appearance can be adjusted on screen until the customer is entirely happy with what their final results will look like.

The abilities of augmented reality span across a multitude of industries, including its assistance in hospital operating rooms and its possibilities to revolutionise the lucrative gaming sector. How else could augmented reality assist certain industries?



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