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Smart glasses

With these AR smart glasses, you can go hands-free

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Smart glasses connect to smart devices via bluetooth, with notifications such as text messages or directions pushed unobtrusively to the user’s lenses.

We recently saw a pair of bluetooth-enabled smart glasses with designer frames that act as wireless headphones, attempting to move away from the Google Glass geeky view of smart glasses, and now a new product is aiming to achieve something similar with augmented reality lenses.

GlassUp have developed two sets of bluetooth-enabled smart glasses: the ‘Uno’ frames for mass market and the ‘F4’ for industrial use. User’s receive push notifications that appear in their field of vision, just below center so as not to distract from focus. In the Uno frames notifications can include text messages, directions while cycling or many potential other features that can be implemented thanks to an open API. Users are able to acknowledge or dismiss these notifications via a touch pad located on the frame arm. The F4 frames will include cameras and sensors as well as AR features to provide extra safety in industrial processes. Currently a slightly bulky 65g in development stage, GlassUp are looking to work with recognized designers, with frames expected to retail at EUR 299 for the basic version.

As circuitry grows ever smaller and more flexible, how long until we see AR contact lenses on the market?




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