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Football fire | Photo source Pixabay

AR startup creates avatars for football players

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A startup has created a new app that uses augmented reality to create and distribute avatars to enhance the football fan engagement.

As the world increasingly engages with augmented reality (AR), we have seen various innovations use the technology to enhance the consumer experience. For example, the World Lens app allows diners to view their meal before they order. In the sporting world, Australian company Arival developed a range of AR features to change the way fans engage with the sport, both in the stadium and out. Now, a partnership between AR startup Octi and the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) aims to engage fans in a similar way.

This innovative enterprise takes advantage of AR technology to create avatars of different football players. Fans will be able to interact with these avatars and create video clips. Meanwhile, the technology will provide body-based gaming and give fans the chance to turn themselves into their favorite players. There will also be avatars for over 2000 players for fans to interact with.

Octi uses skeleton mapping technology, machine learning and computer vision to achieve this feature. The app uses smartphone cameras to sense a human body. Users can then overlay three-dimensional effects onto this human body.




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