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Vintage arcade machine as touring 3D magazine

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When Singapore creative agency Kult launched a self-titled art magazine earlier this month, it didn’t just produce print and online editions, as most publishers might. Rather, the group also created a touring, 3D version of the magazine crafted out of a vintage arcade machine. With a premier issue focused on the theme of “trust,” Kult Magazine aims to visualize its topics through the work of young artists from Asia and around the world. Emphasizing photography, illustration, graphic design and other visual arts, Kult hopes to use the free publication to “blur boundaries and encourage the viewer to participate in a visual dialogue with the works,” in its own words. Toward that end, the Kult ArtCade is a roaming, vintage arcade machine that serves as a 3D version of the magazine. Instead of a traditional control panel, the ArtCade features a selection of art, illustration, photography and personal vignettes on the magazine’s current theme. Indeed, if magazines can be published on bottles or reconceptualized as objets d’art, why not a vintage arcade machine, which stands just as much chance of surprising and delighting consumers while the publishing industry recrafts itself? One to be inspired by! (Related: Smoking is bad, art is good.)



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