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Live-streamed exhibition | Photo source Pixabay

Live-streamed exhibition aims to engage wider audience

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A museum has partnered with a creative agency to launch over twenty live streams of exhibitions in well-known places across New York.

We have already seen new innovative ways to experience artwork, such as the virtual reality headsets allowing people to explore an artist’s studio and the art-identifying app which allows people to design their own digital tours in art galleries.  However, The New Museum has gone a step further, pushing the boundaries of traditional museum-going and allowing viewers to experience art in an entirely different way.

The New Museum has launched ‘New Museum LIVE’ to honor its fortieth anniversary of ‘new art’ and ‘new ideas’. The museum has partnered with creative agency Droga5 and media agency Horizon to broadcast five exhibitions, over one hundred artworks, special events and performances both online and around New York city. The chosen locations in New York include Times Square, Hotel Indigo, Mr. Purple, IFC, The Sweatshop, The Storefront Project, Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, Two Hands Cafe, Barcade and 120 Wall Street.

‘New Museum LIVE’ ran through until December 31st with the aim of widening its audience and revolutionising the way in which art is viewed. Don Shelford, Droga5 Group Creative Director explains “New Museum LIVE takes inspiration from one of the New Museum’s very first exhibitions, the Window Series, which invited artists to display their works in street-level windows for the public to see…New Museum LIVE can be viewed as a modern-day interpretation of that series, allowing New Yorkers to view new art in ways they’ve never been able to before.”

This is a unique way to engage with local communities, how could such a concept be expanded to make art more accessible and attractive? Perhaps this could mark the beginning of a new way to present art which better suits modern life?



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