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ARX heralds the future of exercise gamification

Sport & Fitness

New strap-on augmented reality system lets you play video games while you shed the pounds.

Mixing games with exercise has traditionally worked very well – Nintendo’s Wii Fit is one example that springs to mind – but the fitness tech start-up company ARX is taking the concept to the next level. ARX’s workout solution combines a personalized fitness routine with augmented reality technology.

The system works by getting the user to play through a series of games linked to fitness routines, such as firing balls at targets while performing jump squats, which are all viewed through the Epson Moverio smart eyewear system. The user views a virtual environment that changes depending on the game they are playing and the exercise they are performing.

Those of a competitive nature will love the fact that ARX allows you to not only track your personal progress but also upload your results online through Social Media to compete with both friends and other ARX users around the world.

ARX is going Beta this month, and the package will include a four-week fitness challenge – which combines Strength, Endurance and Cardio programs, personal training sessions, and weekly access to ARX and post-program analysis.

Similarly, the ByCycling app that allows employers to reward employees for bike usage is interesting, and the smart trainer, that enables its user to measure their fitness and modify workouts accordingly, are just some examples of how technology has encouraged us to exercise more. What tech would get you up and about again? Is technology now the new way to exercise?



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