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Athletic apparel made from trash

Sport & Fitness

Sports apparel is a huge industry dominated by a few giant brands. So it’s refreshing to see a small company from Arlington, Virginia gathering support across the United States. Which is probably due to Atayne’s unique angle: its athletic clothing is made from trash. Atayne uses recycled polyester (from post-consumer plastic bottles) and recycled cotton. For odor control, fabrics are treated with naturally-derived chitosan. The concept for Atayne’s product line was born when founder Jeremy Litchfield discovered that his traditional red running shirt contained petroleum, dioxins and other potentially harmful chemicals that might be absorbed by his body when he perspired. Which sparked the idea for a performance apparel company that would put people and the planet first, instead of solely focusing on convenience and aesthetics. Not only does Atayne’s approach mean less waste in landfills and less energy used manufacturing materials, it’s also likely to attract enthused and loyal customers who’d rather sport one of Atayne’s eco-proud slogans than a mega-brand’s logo. (Related: Recycled plastic bottles into graduation gowns.) Spotted by: Maria Deyell



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