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Bespoke portable toilets for weddings & events

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It’s been a few years since we’ve had occasion to write about upgraded alternatives to the lowly Porta-potty. Back in 2006 it was UK-based Luxury Portable Loos that caught our attention with its bespoke, multiuser restroom trailers, but recently we came across a like-minded initiative across the Atlantic that offers similarly beautified toilets on a smaller scale. Atlanta Watercloset provides “exceptionally clean” portable restrooms for outdoor special events throughout the metro Atlanta area. With flush toilets, fresh-water sinks for hand-washing, interior lighting, mirrors, coat hooks, shelves and brand-name toilet paper, the company offers its luxury individual toilets for use at weddings and other special events. Lattice woodwork privacy shields and tiki torches can be added around the outside of Atlanta Waterclosets’ toilets, and special custom details can be added on the inside, including flowers, LED candles, “congratulations” signs and other special touches. Other optional add-ons include on-site attendants, tent cover for rainy weather, solar-powered pathway lights and more. Pricing is “much less expensive than a restroom trailer but not too much more than a ‘typical’ portable restroom,” the company says. All of which reminds us that it’s been a while since we repeated our favourite refrain: Everything can be upgraded! Who will be first to bring something like this to all the happy couples and event hosts in your neck of the woods…? (Related: Toilet seat covers, upgradedStylish fire protection kits.)



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