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Crowdsourcing & collaboration on audio production

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If the global brain can bring fresh capabilities to industries as diverse as car design and publishing, then it stands to reason audio production could benefit too. That’s the premise behind Finnish AudioDraft, which recently launched a platform for collaboration and crowdsourcing of audio work. Now in beta, AudioDraft aims to help audio producers find new people to work with and new projects to work on. Companies in need of audio productions begin by creating a contest on the site, including selecting a license for the work, setting a prize amount and describing what they need. AudioDraft charges a listing fee of USD 99 as well as 10 percent of the set prize amount; everything but the listing fee is refundable if no winner gets picked. Audio producers around the globe, meanwhile, can collaborate on entries using AudioDraft’s “Social Audio Sketching Tool,” which is a multiuser, multitrack recorder and arrangement tool that works in the browser. Clients can rate, comment on and eliminate entries as they come in, ultimately picking one or more winners after the contest’s close. Prize money is then automatically transferred to the winner(s) while the chosen audio files go to the client. A video on YouTube explains AudioDraft’s concept. Is there any creative realm where the crowds can’t outshine the few? We think not. How has *your* brand tapped the global brain lately…? (Related: ‘Elite’ crowdsourcing service taps an invitation-only crowdGreeting-card maker pays for top crowdsourced designsCrowdsourcing business documentsCrowdsourcing of graphic design goes localCrowdsourcing economic solutions for IrelandCrowdsourcing the sales forceCrowdsourcing product improvements.) Spotted by: John Greene



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