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Augmented reality app makes Japanese newspaper more engaging for kids

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The AR News app enables kids to use their smartphones to reveal more kid-friendly versions of articles in the Tokyo Shimbun.

Touchcode’s platform for linking to digital content from magazine pages is one example of how print publications can offer extra content to their reader base. Using similar technology, Japanese newspaper Tokyo Shimbun has launched the AR News app, which enables kids to scan articles with their smartphones and reveal more kid-friendly versions of current affairs. The app was developed by creative agency Dentsu, which was tasked with finding a new way to make newspapers appealing to younger readers. The newspaper is now printed with blue borders around articles that are suitable for children. Parents can encourage kids to use the app by placing their smartphones over those articles, revealing animated characters and graphics, pop-up headlines and explanations about the topics being discussed. Additionally, articles written with Kani characters are replaced with the simplified Hiragana alphabet, making the stories easier to understand for those still learning to read. The video below offers a demonstration of the app: The campaign aims to increase readership by enabling parents to enjoy reading the news with their children, as well as helping to educate young people and engage them in current affairs. Could this scheme work in your part of the world? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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